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Greenleaf Tree Service - Services

We can pretty much provide any type of service that has anything to do with taking care of trees and plants that can be on any type of property. Still, we want to make sure that you get the right idea when it comes to what it is that we really do. Tree care is not just about trimming and pruning trees to their proper length. Of course, this is actually something that we do perform. We just want to let you know that is not the only thing that we do. Our inspection services, for example, are built to make sure that we can find any trees within your property that may have a structural issue. That way we can either remove these trees or apply certain supports that can help them remain upright.

What we truly want is to make sure that our client base can literally rely on us for all of their landscaping and tree care needs. Another thing that may be pretty obvious, but we feel we need to get across anyway is that our services usually need to be recurring so that we can truly make an impact. At least a long-lasting impact! With that in mind though we want to let you know everything that is in our main line up of services. Remember that even if you don’t find what you are looking for you can give us a call and we will set up customer service for you.

  • Tree & Stump removal
  • Tree Trimming & Pruning
  • Tree Hazard Inspection
  • Tree Braces & Supports
  • Fertilization
  • Tree Care