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Around Austin Texas, you pretty much find some of the greatest landscaping views in the entire country. Whether in rural or urban landscapes you can count on Texas weather to allow your trees, plants, and shrubs to grow strong and tall. Keeping them at an appropriate length though is a completely different story! In that, there are two types of people. The ones that are very proactive when it comes to taking care of their land. To them all we can see is we salute you and we respect you and if you ever need a little help we are here for you! To those of you who are actively looking for a tree service, removal and trimming Austin TX has the best Arborist for the job in Greenleaf Tree Service Austin TX!

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We are one of the best Arborists in Austin TX. As we mentioned this area is unique in that it has a great mixture of urban and rural lifestyles. That really just screams Texas! That means that pretty much anyone may require arborist, or tree care service. We are a company built precisely with the intention of being able to handle any type of service that our local residents may need. Not only that, but we intend to work with our clients hand and hand to get their properties looking exactly like they would have wanted!

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Our Tree Services in Austin TX

​At Greenleaf Tree Service Austin we can pretty much handle anything that you can think of that goes into landscaping. This means we can prune, cut and trim trees plants, bushes, and even pick flowers. If you happen to need something a lot more heavy-duty like a tree removal service then we can also get that done with ease. There is really no sense in going down the list of all the services we provide since you can read on and find about each one. We are the best arborist in Austin TX that you can hire to fulfill your tree care needs.

Greenleaf Tree Service - Tree and Stump Removal Austin

When we are called in to get through a removal service you can rest assured that we will get every single part of the tree removed from your lawn. At times tree removal services will leave some stumps laying around in your garden for no apparent reason. Just know that if this happens to you we can come in and remove the remaining stump. You also know to give Greenleaf Tree Service Austin a call if you need a tree removed the next time around!

Greenleaf Tree Service - Tree Trimming and Pruning Austin

Trees are kind of like people in the sense that if we don’t keep our hair at proper lengths by heading to the barber shop from time to time we are going to suffer the consequences. The same thing goes for trees and plants. Except not pruning and trimming your trees properly can come with a set of problems that go beyond a fashion alert. Give us a call and we can quickly get to trimming and pruning your trees plain and simple!

Greenleaf Tree Service - Tree Hazard Inspection Austin

We just finished talking about the problems that can come from not taking proper care of your trees! In being such large organisms trees can do some pretty pesky things like block roads and fall on top of house and cars. Our Tree Hazard Inspection Services are thought out to check on trees and determine if they are healthy enough to withstand the elements for a while longer. Give Greenleaf Tree Service Austin a chance to inspect your trees so that we can give you a wide set of options on what to do with your trees!

I have been working with Greenleaf Tree Service Austin for years and I have not had to worry about my trees and plants for years. They regularly come in and keep them looking like a million bucks what else could I truly ask for!

Stephanie S.

Greenleaf Tree Service - Tree and Stump Removal Austin

If you ever need a tree removed call Greenleaf Tree Service Austin! They have some of the best equipment that I have ever seen and get the job done quickly and efficiently! I truly am fully satisfied with their services! They are the best Arborist in Austin TX.

Stan K.

Fertilization Austin

We really had no idea what we wanted our garden to look like, but we called Greenleaf Tree Service Austin anyway. They gave us a whole bunch of ideas on what type of garden we could go for they helped us set everything up it was really a great overall experience!

Phil D

Tree Hazard Inspection Austin

We are fully aware of the fact that we need trees now more than ever. That is why we typically don’t like to just come in and say we are going to have to chop everything down! We can help trees nurse back to full health by giving them some help. Putting tree braces and supports on them that will effectively allow them to come back on the right path so to speak. These are great for young trees that are still developing and we need to make sure that they grow properly. Also, for older trees that may have suffered some type of problem or we are trying to nurse back to full health!

Greenleaf Tree Service - Tree Braces and Supports

If you are looking to grow a beautiful looking garden we can totally be your ally in that endeavor! We offer fertilization services for all types of properties and surfaces. Whether you are looking to grow trees, grass, flowers or just pretty much any type of plant you can think of. We can help prepare the ground and make sure that they have the best chance to be able to grow up to full strength. Call the best Arborist of Austin TX to help you with the matter!

Fertilization Austin

This services kind of embodies pretty much every little thing that we do. Because taking care of a tree or any plant for that matter is quite the job. There are many aspects that you should look to take into consideration.

Tree Care Austin

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Now that you have gotten a chance to take a look at a number of our main services we want to know what you think! Did you find the exact tree service that you were looking for? Then give us a call or contact us so that we can talk about what you are looking for! If you didn’t give us a call and ask specifically about the service that you need! It is probably listed under our tree care services.